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Gergely Orosz
Software Engineering
250k Audience

Writer of the #1 technology newsletter on Substack, the "Pragmatic Engineer" and former engineering leader at Uber— Gergely's audience is filled with top-tier engineering talent who seek his advice.

Samuel Hall
Full-Stack Engineer

“Sam has lots of experience in startups, and a founder’s mentality.”

Anna Pine
Engineering Manager

“I tried to convince Anna to work with me personally, highly recommend connecting.”

In one view, you see all of the open-to-work candidates in their audience.

Lenny Rachitsky
Product Management
300k Audience

Writer of the weekly advice column about product, growth, and your career. Lenny's built a loyal following in the product management community, and is affectionately known as "the product guy".

Albert Young
Senior Product Manager

“Albert is an all star product leader and mentor.”

Alisa Martel
Director of Product Management

“Alisa was a critical member of the early AirBnB team.”

In one view, you see all of the open-to-work candidates in their audience.

Packy McCormick
Strategy & OPs
200k Audience

Author of Not Boring, the most not boring review of tech, web3, and strategy.

Lex Gordon
Senior Software Engineer

“Has experiences that “wow”, anyone would be lucky to have Lex.”

Peter Wick
Operations Lead

“Under Pete’s leadership, his team grew 7x year over year.”

In one view, you see all of the open-to-work candidates in their audience.

Old Girls Club
Women in Tech
2k Audience

The online gathering space for women in tech and venture.

Lisa Venera
Strategy Lead

“An amazing educator, hugely helpful to up and comers.”

Jamie Miles
Operations Manager

“Jamie’s can act as a manager or IC for any operational need.”

In one view, you see all of the open-to-work candidates in their audience.

Michael Riddering
Product Design
40k Audience

Current founding designer at Maven and leader of Figma Academy, a course dedicated to helping designers grow.

Amanda Chen
Senior Product Designer

“Amanda is one of the most thoughtful designers I know.”

Doug Bolman
Lead Product Designer

“Doug’s been in Figma Academy, so I’ve seen firsthand his incredible growth.”

In one view, you see all of the open-to-work candidates in their audience.

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"Pallet is by far the best source we’ve gotten for getting senior and staff level engineers. In the first project there were about 100 candidates. I reached out to 47!”

Engineering Manager, Odeko

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Lenny Rachitsky
Jennifer Steward <> UIPath
Hey Jennifer, Lenny here with an intro request from UiPath.

Jennifer, here at UiPath we’re looking to hire some amazing product managers and came across your profile. It looks exactly like what we’re looking for!

Lenny Rachitsky
I wanted to add that UiPath is an interesting company with a great track record. I even have them on my stock index!
Jennifer Steward
Jennifer Steward <> UIPath
Thanks for making the connection Lenny!

Jennifer, its great to connect! Do you have availability to talk about some open roles on our product team on Wednesday at 4 pm?

"15 people accepted my intro messages, this is the best response rate I have seen. On LinkedIn/email, the reply rate is 20% and 5% end up in calls. Pallet’s system for having community leaders vouch for candidates & companies is pulling a lot of weight.”


of candidates are more likely to take a call from introductions made through Pallet


of all referrals result in a first interview


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Start connecting with candidates in hours — not weeks — so that you can focus on finding the right fit.


of candidates respond within 48 hours or less

“We came to Pallet looking for designers — within a week of access to Pallet, we set up a bunch of first-round interviews and hired an an amazing designer. The whole process was lightning fast!”

Andre Benz
Founder & CEO of Soundmint

Collaboration, built in

Built for one-person recruiting teams or large-scale talent teams. Shared visibility, for maximum efficiency.

Jacob Jones · Software Engineer @ Microsoft
Pragmatic Engineer
Requested 1 days ago by Michael Kim
Brooklyn Simmons · Backend Engineer @ Plaid
Lenny’s Newsletter
Requested 2 days ago by Lawrence Han
Leslie Alexander · Software Engineer @ Wealth Simple
Requested 3 days ago by Hannah Fields

"I got four meetings scheduled with candidates since I started reaching out this morning… whereas the recruiting firm we’re working with has gotten us one meeting in two weeks and costs literally 50x more.”

Angel Herrera
Co-founder & CEO of Zendoor
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